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Online Business Experts
Who is Online Business Experts?
Online Business Experts is a group of Information Technology professionals with over 50 years of experience. We have a combined total of over 35 years of experience in website creation, website hosting, E-Commerce solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submission, custom programming, custom database creation and Internet marketing. Since 1996 we have had part in getting over 20,000 websites up and running. This has included such things as website hosting, customer support, updates to the websites, adding mail services, changing website and email settings, backing up of your data to CD/DVD or tape, instructions and help with File Transfer Protocol, custom content writing and has also included more advanced items such as completely recreating your website with a new and fresh look, custom database programming, custom backend programming, search engine submission and search engine optimization. We are also experts at setting up your E-commerce website, including a shopping cart with SSL security for ensuring your customer`s transactions are safe.

So, what are we capable of?

Website Creation.
Want to get your company or product on the internet? We can build you a website to allow the world to know who you are. We will guide you through this process step by step from your ideas of what you want to the realization of your company or product on the internet.

E-Commerce Website.
Want to sell your product on the World Wide Web? We can create a website with the ability to accept various forms of payment for your product, help you track your sales, help you ship your product, ensure your customers know their order has been fulfilled and allow them to track their purchase until it reaches them.

Search Engine Optimization.
Already have a website but wondering why it isn`t producing results? With a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we can ensure that you show up near the top of all major search engines (Google, Bing!, Yahoo). Beware of company`s that say they will make you number one on all search engines. They CAN do this by searching for your SPECIFIC website, not doing a generic search. Your potential customer doesn`t know your specific site, they know that they are looking for a company that can provide them a certain service or product and that`s what they are searching for, a generic term. Our expertise in SEO and SES will help drive these customers to YOUR website.

Custom Website Programming.
Have various products that you want the world to know about? This is what our programmers can do for you. They can create an online catalog for your inventory so that your customers know what your products are.

Custom Database Programming.
Want to be able to update your inventory fast and efficiently? Our Custom database programming can resolve this for you and give the world real time information about your inventory.

Great Customer Support.
Not sure what you need? That is where our customer support staff comes into play. We will speak to you in plain English, not technical terms, allowing you to tell us what you need. Not sure how to tell us what you need? Not a problem, just talk to us and we will help you to get whatever you are wanting for your website or services. Our customer service staff is highly educated and trained in hosting, email, website creation and more. They will respond quickly and efficiently to meet your needs. After all, YOU are our boss!

Custom Content Creation.
Have a business like no one else in the world. Have a business like a lot of other people in the world. It's okay; our content writer will contact you directly, spend time with you getting to know you and your business, and then will create the content for your website, that will be updated and edited with your help until you are completely satisfied with it. Once this is done, it will be added to your website at your direction for a website that is as unique as you and your business is.

Advanced website creation.
Have a video of your product being demonstrated? Want to add a little pizzazz to your website. We can create websites with video, animation, slideshows, music and much, much more. This is simple for us to create and can help your website get noticed and stand out from your competition.

These are just a few of the areas we excel at. There are many more things we can help you with to get your business online and producing results for you. We are experts at getting the results you need and want from your corporate website. Remember, we are Online Business Experts.
Online Business Experts

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